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We’re always looking for the top tips and coolest catches when it comes to social media, and no matter what we try sometimes things seem to slip through the social net, and we aren’t making the impact we had hoped with our fans.

So how do we make sure that every time we post it is the best of the best it can be?


Calls to action are a great ‘hook’ when it comes to engagement, and one that should never be neglected. So look no further Socialites! Here is our 7 step guide into optimising your calls-to-actions for your audiences which as a result, will optimise your engagement and overall business traffic.

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When it comes to Facebook, we all know content is important. It is one of the founding pillars and points of Facebook. But did you know that content can not only , but can change your business for the better? Did you know that by investing in these apps you can not only increase engagement, but can increase your social revenue too?

Here are 5 great companies that have invested in an app development, and how it has improved their social standing with their fans.

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Pinterest has fast become a firm favourite in social media land, with business after business joining the ranks to see what it’s all about and hoping to make their all important mark (and hopefully a little money too!).  Read more »

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If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you might have noticed a few little differences, that will ultimately make a difference in your user experience. “But how will it do that?” we hear you ask, followed by a “surely it won’t make a massive difference to our business…will it?”. Actually, it will probably make more of a difference than you think….. Read more »

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Coztlo Social Media Package

Coztlo is fairly new to the social-sphere, and wanting to get started with a bang. So Codastar have designed them a Facebook and E-bay page to do exactly that!

As Coztlo use Ebay as their predominant form of sale, they wanted a page that really spoke to their customer base and got their attention.

The page functions much like a normal website, with easy to use tabs tailored for navigation and conversion. The uber-usable menu bar ensures customers (current and new) can find all the information they are looking for in the click of the button. Not only is the site bold and beautiful, but it is quick to load, and looks great on any device.

Coztlo wanted to devote their main ‘tab’ to encourage social shopping and links directly to their Ebay store. It contains all the information a potential customer would need before committing to a sale, and also holds other contact information, ensuring the optimum in customer service.



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Earlier this year the big bods at Google HQ announced that Google Product Search (US) and Google Merchant Centre (UK) will merge and rename itself to “Google Shopping”. We’ve had a little bit of warning of course, if you have seen the below image. However if like us, you tend to dismiss and continue with whatever it was you were doing, you’re left pretty much in the lurch now the program is in full swing! Read more »

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With all the changes over at Google HQ recently, as a business it can be pretty hard to keep up and know what’s what when it comes to retailing. Where do you even begin?

We’ve put together 6 simple steps to guide you through Google Shopping, and how to make the most of your brand. Read more »

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Okay. So you’ve just started a business, a group, a discussion. Now what? You head on over to Facebook, with the idea of creating the perfect place for excitement and extravaganza. But… which do you chose? Which page is the most suitable, the most flexible; the perfect profile page?

It can be a bit of a minefield when you first join up, so we have put together a little guide for you to help you along your merry Facebook way…. Read more »

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They are well on their way to making 2013 the “Year of Youtube” with yet another redesign, but this one seems set to stay!

Available to all users after a trial to a select few (with full roll-out to brands in the Summer), the new look layout is one that is suited to all devices, as the trend for its use on mobile and tablet rockets day by day (and one that will only ever increase for many years to come…)

“So what is really new?!” we hear you cry – and for good reason! At first glance, it may not seem aesthetically all that different, but once you start exploring and engaging, there is a lot more that meets the eye. We have put together the 5 key things you need to know about YouTube’s new look. Read more »