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#1 Ruzzies –  The Children’s Champions

Ruzzies are a fantastic business, helping children through difficult experiences and rewarding their achievements through Ruzzies personalised and inspirational letters. With this in mind and as an incredibly visual business, the development of the Ruzzie’s “About Us” tab gave their page the extra depth to help (softly) sell their service. Adding slide-bars/topics is a fantastic way of showcasing your testimonials/information without overpowering the page.

Facebook page design Ruzzies

#2 ABTA – Love Travel

ABTA was a fantastic project, and was a huge success for the company. Using Apps as a means of promoting and conducting a contest/competition is a sure fire way to get your fans excited about your products and services, as well as getting your name out there for the web-world to see.

It included a simple multi-choice question, with a full (embedded YouTube) video as part of the campaign. Not only was the prize one that would excite their entire audience, it was constructed in a way to encourage engagement on social media in the long term.

#3 Childcare UK

Childcare UK’s App is a fantastic example of onsite engagement, and ensuring their services are available through all avenues. The basis of their business is their search facility, matching childcare to parents and vice versa. By including this function in an App their social engagement went through the roof, along with social-customer-conversion.



#4 Celtic Tuning

Celtic Tuning are specialists in the performance tuning of the vehicles engine management system. We develop all our own software in house which gives us endless flexibility to tune an engine to the customers’ requirements.

The Celtic Tuning app was a very high-end one indeed, and helped revolutionise their customer experience on their Facebook Page. With the introduction of the ‘Check Your Stats’ app, users can now stay on-page (an increasingly important need for the majority of Facebook users) with clear calls to action situated throughout.

#5 Original Equipment.

The two biggest areas for customer engagement and interaction are social media sites, and blogs. Original Equipment have combined both these elements by introducing an App that allows users to view their blog posts on their website, and ensure that all updates on their main site are in sync with their Facebook Page. Not only does this allow Fans to be notified and read your blog posts, it also simplifies the process of commenting too.


These are of course only 5 examples of countless ways that you can use apps to improve and optimise your Facebook Business Page. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss, have any questions, or are interesting in having a similar app developed for your business, why not get in touch?

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