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Everything You Need to Know About: Twitter Advertising.

Now Twitter has opened up its advertising there is a lot of chitter-chatter on the webisphere wondering what it is all about. How does it work? How do we set it up? Where do we begin?

In the words of Bob Marley; “Don’t worry, ’bout a thing….” -we have the low-down right here for you with everything you need to know about Twitter Advertising.

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Facebook Posting: when to post for maximum engagement?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..”

Good ol’ Mr Dickens, he had it right all along. Little did he know that when it comes to social media (especially Facebook!) that this is more important than almost anything else you need to know.

Alas, the webisphere is awake 24/7, and we all need to sleep – so how do we keep on top of everything?

After a recent study by Viralnomics, it seems there is more to posting than we first thought.

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7 Steps to Create Catchy Calls-to-Action using Social Media.

We’re always looking for the top tips and coolest catches when it comes to social media, and no matter what we try sometimes things seem to slip through the social net, and we aren’t making the impact we had hoped with our fans.

So how do we make sure that every time we post it is the best of the best it can be?


Calls to action are a great ‘hook’ when it comes to engagement, and one that should never be neglected. So look no further Socialites! Here is our 7 step guide into optimising your calls-to-actions for your audiences which as a result, will optimise your engagement and overall business traffic.

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5 Facebook Apps That Can Change your Business for the Better.

When it comes to Facebook, we all know content is important. It is one of the founding pillars and points of Facebook. But did you know that content can not only , but can change your business for the better? Did you know that by investing in these apps you can not only increase engagement, but can increase your social revenue too?

Here are 5 great companies that have invested in an app development, and how it has improved their social standing with their fans.

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5 Top Tips to Increase your Pinterest-to-Website Traffic

Pinterest has fast become a firm favourite in social media land, with business after business joining the ranks to see what it’s all about and hoping to make their all important mark (and hopefully a little money too!). 

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