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Portfolio Review: Bright Talent Recruitment.

Bright Talent Recruitment are a company that revolves around communication – so with this in mind, they wanted to branch out with social networks to allow clients and candidates  alike to consult with them in a slightly more informal setting.  With this in mind, Codastar put together custom designs and bespoke Facebook tabs for them to hit the ground running within the social-sphere.

The Twitter page features the recruitment cartoon consultants, and the corporate colours across the bio and background alike. The page is simple and effective, with further information on how to find them on alternate websites/social networks too.

Their Google+ page follows suit to Twitter, with an eye-catching logo dominating the page, with clear contact details for further information beneath.

With Recruitment companies performing a lot of online networking within Linkedin, it was imperative that the services section fit the bill. The scrolling clickable images allow for cross platform engagement on Twitter and Facebook. The newly designed services page offer everything a cutting edge agency, included the option to submit CVs (whilst keeping ‘anonymous’ to suspecting employers on site), as well as client services such as executive search and job role submissions.

Finally, the Facebook page is the piece de résistance, with a cover banner design and a custom design ‘about’ tab.

The cover banner includes a call-to-action encouraging users to ‘like’ to find out more about the brand, with the continued branding featured in the imagery. The ‘About Tab’ features all the information that prospective clients and candidates alike would need to engage with the company. With sliding/changing photos, key bullet points exampling what it is that sets them ahead of their competition, and key services linked from featured buttons, the page is concise and clear in what they wish to achieve.

bright talent recruitment social media package

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Portfolio Review: Charlbury Dental Social Media Package

As a business that tends to turn the widest of smiles sour, Charlbury Dental have chosen a much friendlier approach when it comes to marketing their business – by embracing social media. Codastar have designed bespoke pages and apps for the team, ensuring a more personable approach to engaging with their patients.

Already having a few Google place reviews under their belt, Charlbury Dental now have an eye-catching and eye opening page, filled with the friendly faces of the team, alongside contact details and maps to ensure finding their surgery as easy as can be.

The surgery have also invested in a company page on Linkedin. With the continued branding, the Services page also boasts scrolling imagery linked to other social networks and their website, as well as a range of offerings, including a section for ‘nervous patients’ – one that would be very appreciated with some of the Codastar team!

Finally, the Facebook page has had its own makeover, with the continued branding and imagery, with their four bespoke tabs to create a ‘mini website’ feel for their users.

The tabs include an ‘About Us’ page; detailing clear calls-to-action (in the form of contact details and external website links) throughout, as well as a bit about their history. As well as the map detailed on the page, they have also invested in a separate tab deisgned specifically to feature and integrate Google Maps, with various options (street view, etc) to suit their user’s needs.

The third tab is dedicated to their newsletter, with a clear actionable function button to keep up to date with all their latest news offerings. Again, contact details and links to their website are kept clearly throughout.

The final tab is a custom designed contact form, allowing users to contact the surgery directly, without the need of a call or venturing away from Facebook. By integrating such a tool on site, they have limited the ‘drop out’ from asking those to register on their main website, and by allowing a forum for personable discussion, the team have eliminated the fall-out from the daunting task of finding (and visiting) a dentist!

With their new found, new look social sites, the team are set up to share many, many smiles from here on in!

Charlbury Dental Social Media Package


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Portfolio Review: MAS Motoring Social Media Package.

The MAS Motoring Project was an exciting one for Codastar, as it enabled us to create a strong cross-platform brand image for the company – unifying their now strong social status.

MAS Motoring were fairly new to the Social-sphere, so wanted to make a lasting impact on their new and existing friends and fans. As well creating the cover image and integrated the profile image to fit, Codastar put together an “About Us” App with everything they need for social success. The new App features calls-to-action throughout in various styles; from recommend a friend, contact forms, and multiple social media icons.

The new Linkedin business page now includes a branded banner, as well as an interactive image encouraging users to visit/link through to their Facebook page. The services page is now populated with key offers from the company, ensuring that users are left in no doubt in where their specialities lie.

With the recent changes at Google+ HQ, the new page is very much an image-focused one. With a prominent logo and eye-catching cover, the page also features external links to other social sites, as well as a summary of their business and why they deserve your ‘follow’.

Finally, Twitter continues the cool and collected business theme and palates, with strong images and logos ready to kick start their twitter antics.

If you are interested in a Social Media makeover, or have any questions about our services, why not contact us directly and say hello? We won’t bite, promise!



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Portfolio Review: Gold Key Nutrition Social Media Design.

Gold Key Nutrition wanted to give their social media sites a healthy new glow (so to speak!) and Codastar delivered exactly that.

Gold Key Nutrition are fairly new to Twitter and want to start up with a ‘bang’. The new background is bold and bright with Facebook and contact details appearance along the top. The new ‘cover’ image and profile photo feature the logo and a variety of imagery depicting the healthy lifestyle they promote, along with a few of their products.

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Hashtags on Facebook explained

Hashtags on Facebook

After a recent episode of the Game of Thrones series on HBO generated 1.5 million mentions on Facebook, it seems almost a perfect time for the social network to roll out hashtags across the board following in the footsteps of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. This new introduction will allow users, businesses and brands to interact and track conversations (providing they are made by public pages) and get an idea of the bigger conversational-picture.

Facebook’s Greg Lindley wrote:

“Every day, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to share their thoughts on big moments happening all around them. To date, there has not been a simple way to see the larger view of what’s happening or what people are talking about.”

What does this mean for business? How will this impact social sales and marketing strategies? Codastar investigates.

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