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Everything You Need to Know About: Vine

Despite not being fully integrated into Twitter, their new service ‘Vine’ seems to have taken off rather well (although whether its because its shiny and new or because it has a really shot at a social standing we shall soon come to see) and everyone (business or otherwise) seems to be taking a hand to it and seeing how it works.

If you find yourself in a muddle, and tangled up in Vine(s), here’s our handy little guide with everything you need to know about it – for overall and for business.

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Google Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (with a ‘Not Provided’ notification).

The world of digital marketing has become increasingly competitive over the past few years, and as of late it has taken its biggest hit yet. Not from other agencies of course. Oh no. There has been a disturbance in the force.

Google have gone to the dark side, and on top of their ever changing algorithms, have increasingly introduced their ‘not provided’ notification.

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5 Top Tips for Your Mobile Website Design.

More and more users are accessing our websites from more and more devices – meaning more and more websites are being left to the wayside when it comes to having a mobile design for their website.

Without a Mobile Website Design or Mobile strategy, quite simply – your website will sooner depress than impress any customers that come a-calling. So how do you rectify this? Follow our top tips below of course!

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The 4 Points of the Perfect Facebook Post.

Competition is always at a high when it comes to Facebook marketing, and it is apparent that whilst the overall social strategy is important, each and every individual post is an art of marketing in itself.

So how do you create the perfect post for Facebook? Well, there are a few ways – and we have put together a four point plan to put your business and brand at the forefront of Facebook’s everywhere.

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Has Your Business Been Hurt by the ‘Google Places’ Bug?

“We Currently Do Not Support the Location”

Does this phrase sound familiar to you? If so, you have been hit by one of the biggest bugs that Google (specifically Google Places, now Google+ Local) has had in a very long while. Countless small businesses across the web have been affected, with very little being said by those in the know about what is being done (ie. Google).

We’ve put together exactly what there is to know about the bug, and how to counteract and fix it should it be an issue with your business.

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