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Okay. So you’ve just started a business, a group, a discussion. Now what? You head on over to Facebook, with the idea of creating the perfect place for excitement and extravaganza. But… which do you chose? Which page is the most suitable, the most flexible; the perfect profile page?

It can be a bit of a minefield when you first join up, so we have put together a little guide for you to help you along your merry Facebook way…. Read more »

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They are well on their way to making 2013 the “Year of Youtube” with yet another redesign, but this one seems set to stay!

Available to all users after a trial to a select few (with full roll-out to brands in the Summer), the new look layout is one that is suited to all devices, as the trend for its use on mobile and tablet rockets day by day (and one that will only ever increase for many years to come…)

“So what is really new?!” we hear you cry – and for good reason! At first glance, it may not seem aesthetically all that different, but once you start exploring and engaging, there is a lot more that meets the eye. We have put together the 5 key things you need to know about YouTube’s new look. Read more »

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Clean 4 You Social Media Package

Clean 4 You came to Codastar with the view to “clean up” their social platforms, to remain competitive in an increasing competitive industry.

First up was their Facebook page, with a cover banner and “About Us” tab. The new look gave them an eye-catching page with a comprehensive covering of all their services and customer testimonials – an important aspect of  a customer-centric industry such as cleaning.

The cover design lent itself well to the other networks (Twitter, Linkedin Services and Google+), creating a unified look across all the networks.

Linkedin was developed with a variety of ‘services’ available to customers, a network that is all too often neglected by business, but can now be used as a key tool for customer generation and networking.

Twitter and Google+ are both maximised on the large visual nature of the profiles, including clear calls-to-action in their covers and backgrounds.

By creating investing in their social networks, and creating one consistent image across all platforms, Clean 4 You have a professional branding socially, encouraging cross network communication for all their customers – old and new.

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There has been a lot of talk in the digital press recently about EdgeRank, the good, bad, and of course the downright ugly side of the back office Facebook analytics. With this in mind, we have put together the definitive guide to EdgeRank with absolutely everything you need to know from its  positive pro’s to the pitiful problems.  Read more »

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Until recently, all was calm in the realms of retail – peaceful, tranquil, not a White-Watcher or Wildling in sight. However, in their infinite (?) wisdom (??), Google have descended from their throne and declared war on their civil serving subjects. Read more »

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Lets face it, many of us love a “next big thing” – be it in social media or otherwise, and Vine has taken off for business – massively (if you’re still a little unsure about Vine as a whole, why not check out our blog post giving you the low down on everything you need to know?). Of course, with so many people piling into the latest marketing must-have, how can you make sure your brand will stand out in the crowd? With only 6 seconds to play with, how do you get it right? We’ve put together 5 great examples of how big businesses are recording like rock stars, and some tips on how you  can make your own mark. Read more »

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We all love our grandparents, and they all taught us a thing or two growing up. How we shouldn’t bite our nails, how carrots help us see in the dark, and how finishing our dinners will make us big and strong! (Not all of them are strictly true, but still….)

With the talk of late of Politicians causing ever the uproar by commenting rudely on fellow colleagues and constituents, and many a footballer putting their over-priced football boots right in it, we decided here at Codastar it was time we reflected on our childhood lessons and help these poor people out.

We’ve delved into the internet (and around the office) to put together our top tips on how to improve your social media ‘netiquette’, by remembering the cries and catchphrases of our younger days, and how to keep your social platforms (be them personal or professional) squeaky clean.

Read more »

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Despite not being fully integrated into Twitter, their new service ‘Vine’ seems to have taken off rather well (although whether its because its shiny and new or because it has a really shot at a social standing we shall soon come to see) and everyone (business or otherwise) seems to be taking a hand to it and seeing how it works.

If you find yourself in a muddle, and tangled up in Vine(s), here’s our handy little guide with everything you need to know about it – for overall and for business. Read more »